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Operationalising privacy compliance in your business

Privacy compliance is a critical risk area for Australian businesses.

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Today, many economists believe the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

Whether this can be quantified or not, the importance of data privacy to customers cannot be denied. In fact, 70 percent of Australians now view the protection of their personal information to be a major concern in their lives.

Clearly, businesses that ignore the value of privacy compliance to their enterprises do so at their own peril. Because it is fast becoming their most valuable asset, companies must safeguard their valuable customer data and protect it at all costs.

1 in 4
companies will experience a data breach
max penalties under australian law
or 4% of turnover as max penatlies under GDPR

Key data breach risk areas








Data Protection is everyone’s responsibility

Privacy Compliance is a team effort

In our experience, one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to assume that their customer data is safe because they have robust cyber-security, or a diligent legal department.

While these are very important pieces in the data protection solution, every single department across your business has a role to play in ensuring that your customer data is safeguarded. With over a third of Australian data breaches being caused by human error, fostering an organisational culture that respects privacy, across all functions of your business, has never been more important.

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At Peripheral Blue – you’re not just another number in our system. Our founder, Mellissa Larkin, spent more than 20 years working in top-tier commercial law firms both in Australia and internationally – and during this time she noticed there was a problem with the traditional legal model. You see, most businesses needed more than legal advice: they needed ongoing support and business advisory services.

Mellissa went on to start Peripheral Blue in 2016 – with the aim of disrupting the legal industry and changing the way businesses engage their legal advisers. Our team, with over 140 years combined industry experience, invest the time to really get to know our clients – which allows us to give the most proactive and relevant advice to your business.

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